Monday, March 15, 2010

Gloomy Monday

Lately I have been feeling like my life looks like this desk....I should have used this weekend, to plan and organize but instead I thought my time would be better spent with my love playing cards at a coffee shop. I just couldn't bring myself to do wedding stuff when time with Tim is so much more important. Sorry about the few posts the past couple of weeks, I am still transitioning into the new job and hopefully will return back to normal postings next week. Thanks for your patience!


  1. Devon, if this is how your desk looks when it's messy I'm pretty impressed. Somehow it still captures a vintage, inspired style that looks better than my desk with neon post-it notes everywhere! So fun to talk with you yesterday and now to read your blog!

  2. Michelle!! Thanks for finding my blog!! It was fun to see you at the wedding, we should bump into each other on purpose and have a coffee date!



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