Monday, August 31, 2009

Luncheon at 12 for 12= Fashion Dilema

"La Casa Nichita is a beautiful 7,000 square foot rustic home tucked away on a little more than two acres. The gardens are filled with flowers rustic paths and giant oak trees. The home is located two blocks from the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Antique furnishings are combined with old music boxes and other collectibles... a journey into the past."

Tim and myself are invited to a luncheon for 12 at 12 at a beautiful historic home in Mission Canyon. It is on September 12 but I already looking for the perfect outfit. It's a work luncheon with Tim's company so the look should be classy and probably business attire. However my business attire is cowboy boots and a dress, I don't think that would work for this.

Here was one dress I thought would be perfect, maybe paired with some classic pearl earrings and red shoes for a pop?!....please share any ideas you have as well!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Beach Fog Weekend

I have been at home in Shell Beach and every morning I have woken up to fog...which usually puts me a gloomy mood until I found this lounge piece at Anthro and thought it was perfect. It's called "Beach Fog Chemise". Suddenly if I was in this darling chemise my beach fog mornings wouldn't be so bad! Have a lovely weekend!

Treasures Under $100-Part 2

Treasures Under $100-Part 2

is another great website to find great clothing for under $100. For the fall you will see a lot of the utility inspired jackets everywhere from J.Crew to Vogue. Ruche offers a reasonable priced one on sale for $18! Another great trend is the sweater coat with the tie here is a similar one that I found at Ruche that looks quite familiar to the one at Anthropolgie. Every woman should have an embroidered top that looks great with a pair of trouser pant or jeans, this navy one is $35. Lastly the boots offer a rugged look but a fraction of the cost at $90. Hopefully these deals inspire thoughtful shopping that makes your checkbook smile!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mini Road Trip

Hello lovelies I am off to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Tim and me are hitting the open road and heading to the lake to enjoy the sun, the boat and family. What are you up to this weekend?

Treasures under $100 Part 1

My dear friend Lauren just told me about a great new website called Modcloth. Most everything on the website is under $100, which is music to my ears for my pocketbook. They started off a small online shop selling only vintage items but have now expanded into selling vintage-inspired looks from small indie designers. Some of the items are a little young looking but there are a few pieces that I think would look great in any wardrobe! On Monday I will post another website of mine that is vintage inspired and under $100!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Awaiting Autumn

Here are some of my favorite outfitting inspirations from a UK magazine called Toast. I love the dress with the chunky scarf and boots! The necklace is from J.Crew, a nice layering piece over a simple white tee!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fine Like Wine

As you know it is one of my missions to find style for the woman who is gently aging between 45-55 there is not much out there for this age group. I found some inspiration that I think would work for fall. Let me know if this is something you might wear. Keep in mind it might be out of your immediate comfort level, but I believe sometimes you have to be open to new styles in order to find your own style!

Let me know what you think! Be Brave and don't give into Chico's!

Monday, August 17, 2009

All things Rugged

One of my favorite trends this fall is the return of the rugged boot! A little bit country and a little bit vintage makes these boots a must have for your fall wardrobe! I have been in search of the perfect "rugged boot", these boots can be worn tucked into jeans with a wonderful chunky sweater or with a knit dress and a scarf!

Vote for your favorite!

left to right

Steve Madden,Banana Republic,Frye,Anthropoligie,J.Crew

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Full Bloom Beautiful

I stumbled across this blog yesterday and it captured my heart. Everything about these delicate flowers made me want to squeal with delight with just the thought of wearing one of them! Each flower is hand cut and sewn. They are all hand dyed and one of a kind created by the very talented woman, Emerson. She has a natural eye for beauty and creativity. She also does all the photography on her blog as well. These flowers would make any outfit special, whether it is a tweed blazer and a beautiful flower or a simple white tee. You are sure to turn heads with these one of a kind pieces. I emailed Emerson to make sure it was ok to showcase her work and was pleasantly surprised we share the same philosophy on fashion. Style should be timeless and ageless. So stop by her blog and pick yourself a flower. Whether you are 20 or 50, these pieces don't have an age limit!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The How To's of Trends

My dear friend Lauren wrote in with a question of how to wear the latest style of this season's hottest trend....the no-closure cardigan.

Some suggestions to wear this look would be a pair of slimming trouser style jean. (Gap $59.50 available in petite and tall) You don't want to wear a pant that is too much of a wide leg because the cardigan is loose and the mixture of a wide-leg pant will make your silhouette look larger than you are. The key with the no-closure cardigan is a relaxed look but still pulled together. A great way to achieve that look is a longer necklace like this one from J.Crew. Statement necklaces are a huge trend for fall and this one is delicate and long which will elongate your figure. As far as a layering piece for underneath the cardigan you can always go with a white tank, or a pop of color such as a melon, or blue. Another great option would be to wear a beaded or embroidered tank underneath for some great detail.

Thanks for the question, hope this helps!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wine Tasting Perfection

Hello lovely readers...what are you up to this weekend? I am off to wine taste with Tim's family and my family at a charming vineyard in Santa Ynez. I am in search for the perfect wine tasting outfit....

perhaps something like this

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fall In Love with Detail

I am absolutely in love with this rosette top from Anthropolgie ($58). My dream outfit is shown below. However a different more sophisticated look would be to wear it with a pair of linen pants for a look now and a look to wear in the fall would be a cardigan and a great pair of wool trousers.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Perfect Transition

Every woman must have a great bag and this one from Anthropologie has caught my eye! I love the braided handles and the fabulous detailing of the scarf tied on the side. The colors are great to go with a summer outfit and will also go great for the fall. The scarf is a fun unexpected detail which you could take off and wear in your hair another great look. Whether your going to the flea market and need to store your treasures in this fabulous bag or just going out for the evening, this bag is your perfect accessory for any outfit!


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