Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Item of the Week

Each week I will be posting an item of the week that I can't live without...it can be anything from the latest trends in fashion to the best lipstick! This week's pick is the Diaphanous tunic from Anthropologie ($88) This fabulous tunic can be worn with some distressed jeans and a great pair of flat boots to give this look a rugged romantic look. Or for a more polished look you can wear this tunic tucked into a great pair of wool trousers. My favorite part of this blouse is the raw edges mixed with the feminine ruffles. A cami and some chunky earrings would complete the outfit.


  1. Very cute Devon! I love it!

  2. To all Nancy's...I love you all but I know 4 Nancys...please put a last name so I can know which Nancy you are!! Thanks
    Nancy Hubert
    Nancy Bagnall
    Nancy Reinauer
    Nancy Gloye

  3. It is me Nancy Bagnall!!



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