Monday, August 31, 2009

Luncheon at 12 for 12= Fashion Dilema

"La Casa Nichita is a beautiful 7,000 square foot rustic home tucked away on a little more than two acres. The gardens are filled with flowers rustic paths and giant oak trees. The home is located two blocks from the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Antique furnishings are combined with old music boxes and other collectibles... a journey into the past."

Tim and myself are invited to a luncheon for 12 at 12 at a beautiful historic home in Mission Canyon. It is on September 12 but I already looking for the perfect outfit. It's a work luncheon with Tim's company so the look should be classy and probably business attire. However my business attire is cowboy boots and a dress, I don't think that would work for this.

Here was one dress I thought would be perfect, maybe paired with some classic pearl earrings and red shoes for a pop?!....please share any ideas you have as well!

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  1. I like that idea, though I happen to know that you have lots of beautiful things to wear. Wish I could go!



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