Monday, January 4, 2010

The best fashion accessory a girl could ask for!!

*** click on the facebook image to play the video ( it makes you sign into facebook first and then it should play after that!)

This weekend has been a busy one! I got engaged! So sorry for the few posts I have been floating on a cloud! We decided to drive up highway 1 for some much needed R & R, I had thought of this weeks ago and didn't think twice about the day. We stopped in Cambria for tri-tip sandwiches and took pictures at Ragged Point. Tim gave me my first early birthday present and it was a travel coffee mug, and said we had to get going to the next location. I was wondering where the next location was since there is nothing from Ragged Point to Big Sur. Well we ended up driving to Big Sur and pulled into one of my favorite spots. A little rustic restaurant by the river. We had hot coco by the fire and then he told me to put it in the travel mug because we were going for a little walk. We walked down to the river where there was a bench and candles lit all around it. There he had me open a second present...a tripod, not exactly what I was expecting. He began to set it up and take pictures and I didn't know he hit record, as he began to give me my next present. The next present was a photo album of us from the last two years and the last page was paper clipped shut. Then he preceded to tell me some beautiful wonderful things that my heart will never forget and he opened the last present for me which was a long stemmed rose with a ring in it. The last pages were pictures of him asking my dad! Needless to say I said yes and am marrying the love of my life,my best friend,my encourager and supporter!

"He has made everything beautiful in its time" Ecc.3:11


  1. Devon, you are SO cute when Tim is telling you all the "beautiful things". I found myself with tears in my eyes watching this, and a big huge smile on my face. ConGRATULATIONS! Thanks for letting us share in your joy :)

    xo Lawren

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Can't get over how sweet this is. I am so happy you are with a man who clearly knows how amazing you are Dev! Happy wedding planning!!!

  3. Everytime I hear, read, or watch anything about Timmy proposing, I start crying. It's kind of ridiculous. But yes, that's quite the fashion accessory you have on that rose. :) I love you!

  4. Rebecca Silvers =)January 5, 2010 at 11:23 PM

    Devon, I finally got to watch the video... tears ;) So beautiful!!!!!! This is everything a girl could want for her friend to feel and experience, the best and truest love; and for that I feel so lucky.... you deserve all the happiness and love in your life!!! Forever and always! Love you much! Congrats again!!!! xoxox

  5. Devon, I'm soo happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet you some day! (Lauren, Tim's cousin).

  6. So, I squealed when we got your text, I cried through the video, and now tears are gently resting on my cheeks after reading this blog entry! I love you Dev, and I'm soooo excited for this next adventure in your life!



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