Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fine Like Wine

As you know it is one of my missions to find style for the woman who is gently aging between 45-55 there is not much out there for this age group. I found some inspiration that I think would work for fall. Let me know if this is something you might wear. Keep in mind it might be out of your immediate comfort level, but I believe sometimes you have to be open to new styles in order to find your own style!

Let me know what you think! Be Brave and don't give into Chico's!


  1. Dev, I think these are beautiful. I especially like the blouse and the sweatercoat. And while I'm not in your targeted age group, I think the styles you are choosing are classic enough to reach any group, though ladies 50 years young could still wear them with pride.

  2. Hey Devon, I like what you chose except for the lambeg jacket, better known as a blazer in the 90's. It's too matrony looking for me as I wore a lot of them in the 90's. The cami is especially cute as well as the sweater coat and bracelet. How about a skirt to go with the sweater coat - something with a slight flare at the hem or pencil skirt? Thxs for putting this outfit together!

  3. Thanks Lauren.. I myself would wear everything in this collage! All about ageless chicness! Thanks for your faithful comments and encouragement!

    Nancy- I agree the return of the blazer is a hard one to swallow especially in the 90's when they were had massive shoulder pads! However the blazer is making a huge comeback this fall, but with a different name...introducing the boyfriend blazer, meant to be worn with a feminine blouse. I am in love with the cami as well! I will be on the hunt to find something to go with the sweater coat!



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