Monday, August 10, 2009

The How To's of Trends

My dear friend Lauren wrote in with a question of how to wear the latest style of this season's hottest trend....the no-closure cardigan.

Some suggestions to wear this look would be a pair of slimming trouser style jean. (Gap $59.50 available in petite and tall) You don't want to wear a pant that is too much of a wide leg because the cardigan is loose and the mixture of a wide-leg pant will make your silhouette look larger than you are. The key with the no-closure cardigan is a relaxed look but still pulled together. A great way to achieve that look is a longer necklace like this one from J.Crew. Statement necklaces are a huge trend for fall and this one is delicate and long which will elongate your figure. As far as a layering piece for underneath the cardigan you can always go with a white tank, or a pop of color such as a melon, or blue. Another great option would be to wear a beaded or embroidered tank underneath for some great detail.

Thanks for the question, hope this helps!


  1. love your new fashion blog devon!

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  3. Love your blog and look forward to each new addition! Thanks for the inspiration.....hugs!



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