Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Full Bloom Beautiful

I stumbled across this blog yesterday and it captured my heart. Everything about these delicate flowers made me want to squeal with delight with just the thought of wearing one of them! Each flower is hand cut and sewn. They are all hand dyed and one of a kind created by the very talented woman, Emerson. She has a natural eye for beauty and creativity. She also does all the photography on her blog as well. These flowers would make any outfit special, whether it is a tweed blazer and a beautiful flower or a simple white tee. You are sure to turn heads with these one of a kind pieces. I emailed Emerson to make sure it was ok to showcase her work and was pleasantly surprised we share the same philosophy on fashion. Style should be timeless and ageless. So stop by her blog www.emersonmade.com and pick yourself a flower. Whether you are 20 or 50, these pieces don't have an age limit!


  1. I love her classic style with a touch of vintage my favorite is the white flower on the green shirt!

  2. K, Dev... Here's another question. I've seen shift dresses all over magazines recently. Can all body types wear this, and where would be a good spot to go looking for an affordable one ($60 or under)? Any ideas for making it transition from daytime to work to evening?



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