Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chasing Trolleys and Holiday lights

What are you lovelies doing this weekend? parties.....getting cozy by the fire? Well Tim and I have decided that we are carrying on our tradition of seeing Christmas lights by following the Christmas trolley. Let me explain..there is about 9 trolleys that go around all of Santa Barbara showing people the Christmas lights and spreading Christmas cheer. It is a lovely idea but it costs $20 per person and you sit in a freezing cold trolley for an hour and a half. Realistically we would rather take that $40 and go to a nice dinner and that is exactly what we did. We found out where all the trolleys gathered and followed them throughout Santa Barbara in the comfort of Tim's car with heated seats and hot coco. It is quite festive all the houses are lit up and the owners come out and play music or simply wish everyone a Merry Christmas as the trolley goes by. Quite a few people were thrown off as they saw the BMW follow the trolley wherever it went and I hung out the window yelling Merry Christmas. After wards we decided to go back to our first date restaurant, Via Maestra 42 a quaint Italian restaurant. We enjoyed wine and pasta and soaked in the holiday cheer and chuckled to ourselves for we outsmarted the people on the trolley!

* Don't you wish you had a house like this covered in snow and pretty lights, and I thought this outfit was the perfect cozy evening out on the town!


  1. Dev!! I LOVE Via Maestra- its a SB fav for me! Glad you got to enjoy the lights! Happy Holidays!! xxx

  2. Becca- Glad I have a fellow lover of Via Maestra not that many people know about it! It is a santa barbara secret! Merry Christmas!



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