Monday, December 7, 2009

Looks Like Rain...where are my wellies?

The rain came pouring down this morning and in a mad rush to get to work I was desperately wishing I had a pair of rain boots! On a hunt to find inspiration I came across this image from Emersonmade. She looks adorable in her dress and rain boots! She completed the look with one of her own handmade cloth flowers, love the creativity. Luckily in California I can get away with rain boots and a dress, not very practical but very fun, who says fashion has to be practical? I pulled some different looks for rain boots, which ones are your favorite?


  1. I wore my rainboots today! I love mine, and actually look forward to rainy days at school just because I get to wear them. (And seriously, it is so much easier walking around with them on - that is California practicality!) I love them with dresses and tights and legwarmers peeking out for extra warmth. Mine are black with multicolored polka dots, but I was just thinking I want another pair with a solid color - I love those aubergine ones! PS Miss you already, so good to see you this weekend!

  2. Of course, I want the leopard ones. Love, Mama

  3. April- you are the cutest teacher ever, I can picture you sporting your polka dot rainboots! I bet your students loved it!

    Mama- you could wear the leopard rainboots with your leopard raincoat!



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