Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blustery Storms= Cabin Fever

I don't know about you but the rain has gotten me in the mood to bundle up in sweaters and pull out the boots! The boots and wonderful mohair socks are from a company called Plumo, a british online company that carries treasures for the home as well as clothes. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites places to shop. The plaid cable knit jacket is the perfect outwear for a winter's night stroll.

Jacket- Anthropologie
Socks- Plumo
Danish Clog Boots- Plumo
Image of gloves- Anthropologie


  1. Hey Goober cyber geek, just kidding, so great and totally you- I enjoyed checking it out. I am not to sure about you and your mom smoking...ha ha!

  2. PS can you "follow: you own blog?

  3. Love the cozy sweater...makes me think of fall, ...winter..soft rain... snow... fire places and small gatherings with good friends..
    Dev, i think I'm ready for fall/winter :)
    Thank you for the inspirations:)

  4. Thanks Tanya! When I posted it, it was raining ever since it has been 75 degress I am very ready to bundle up in sweaters!



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