Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Date Jitters- Fashion Dilemma

We have all been there, standing in front of the mirror with nothing to wear, trying on a million different outfits, your room looks like a bomb went off as you frantically try to sift through your wardrobe, hoping that the perfect date outfit will appear out of thin air. My friend has a big first date tomorrow, and she is really excited but needed some ideas on what to wear. They are going to dinner and a movie, usually I would say go with jeans and a great top but my friend loves skirts and dresses so here are a few options, that are feminine yet casual. But remember the best fashion accessory is confidence!

Have a great time let me know how the date goes!


  1. p.s. this is great Dev! I always love your fashion / date advice... sensible,simple, practicle, never overdone and somehow you always seem to help the person in need to out shine all their best features ;)

  2. Tanya, thank you so much for your sweet compliment!



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