Friday, October 9, 2009

Supporting My Mama

( Disclaimer...we do not endorse smoking, nor do we smoke, we purely posed for the picture! p.s. my mom is probably going to kill me for putting this picture up! haha love you mom)

This weekend I am going home to support my mom at her Remnants of the Past antique show! My mama is a very talented designer and loves to collect old treasures from all over the world. Her show is held at the Dana Powers barn in Nipomo. My mom has vendors that she hand selects to be in her show, and all her vendors have fabulous stuff. Every year I try to go to support her and see the show. You should come too!! All you Remnants of the Past followers I hope to see you there, leave a comment and I will try to find you on Saturday!


  1. Wish I were there supporting MY mama, but I kinda think sh'e not going to need much support beyond a helper to drag her loot back down across the creek. (My mama is Judi-of-the-barn (: )Hope you had a blast!

  2. Megan nice to meet you!! As daughters of the creative antiquing type we often do get suckered into helping lug the loot, luckily I have a brother and I pass it off to him! I love your mom, she is great and she has done a fabulous job with the barn, it is simply whimsical. I took her picture today to showcase on my blog a fashion do! Look for it in the next couple of days!



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