Friday, October 23, 2009

Question from a Reader

My dear friend Patrica wrote in with a fashion question, she is trying to find the perfect pair of distressed/worn-in boots for the fall. I have had the same dilemma trying to find the perfect pair that achieves this look and are comfortable. Here are a variety of boots I put together ranging from $189- $498. Hope this helps Patricia, let me know what you find!

left to right (Jessica Simpson,J,crew,Steve Madden,Steve Madden,Anthropologie,Frye)


  1. I like the J Crew boots!!
    Nancy Bagnall

  2. Love the anthropolgie boots! I'm buying them after payday this month! Thanks Devon!


  3. DEVON! Hi! It's Sarah! Your blog is absolutely adorable, I expected nothing less. I am sooo glad you are back at work because now I can keep buying all the outfits you create :)

  4. Patricia, glad you found a pair, the anthro ones are a good choice! Thanks for the tip about the foam roller I got one last week!

    Sarah- Thank you for the sweet compliment glad you like the blog, good to be back, always fun seeing you at work!



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