Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Well Dressed Home

I am kind of obsessed with this new book called The Well dressed Home, by Annette Tatum. Annette picks inspiration from the fashion world or your own closet and designs one of a kind rooms based on your wardrobe tastes! I couldn't be more in love with the concept. So I took the challenge and pulled out a pair of my favorite boots and found a picture of a room that I love. My fashion taste could be described as classic, romantic and sometimes rugged hence the boots. But I always love pairing a dress with my boots to make it more feminine. I believe this room has a little bit of it all!
Please share inspiration...what would your room look like inspired after your wardrobe?


  1. That is the ultimate Devon book. Too bad you didn't think of it. I would have to even think about what clothes to style around.

    I hit follow. I am gonna win, right? I better win.

  2. oh goodness, i dont want to know what my room would look like based on my style (or lack there of!) can a room look like a big puffy scarf in fall colors?

  3. Summer Wardrobe Southern California

    Inconspicuously intentional
    Solid or fine print
    Element of surprise

    Room: Beach House Living

    Large doors French glass
    Windows large facing ocean
    Ceiling high beams distressed pine
    Walls earth tones
    Lighting industrial one Handel lamp, surprise
    Large sofa, cotton, linen, muslin, sandy colored, soft, softer, overnight sleep
    Ottoman upholstered, dark, intricate, turned mahogany legs
    Coffee table pine simple
    Winged back chair,semi-formal,out of character, slip cover, neutral tone
    Book shelves drift wood, heavy,strong
    Throw rugs over light bamboo floors
    Obscenely expensive stereo and TV

  4. whoever left the comment above is awesome love your words to describe your style!! thanks for sharing!! You must be in design!

  5. Ooo, I want to win too! Also, I am wondering about the boots in this post. Who makes them?

    Keep up the good work, Dev!

  6. Thanks Meredith, the boot are from Anthropologie! Where else :)



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