Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby It's Cold Lithuania

Here is a fashion question from my dearest friend Kristin....

I am having a fashion hang up. Since I am living practically at the north pole the weather is freezing. And I have to walk everywhere. This creates a problem because I always end up trying to layer up, but I am having a hard time finding really really warm cute options that I can still walk long distances in. Any ideas for me?
ps. i love LOVE love your blog.

I can't leave my friend fashion less and frozen in Lithuania so here are some options I came up with.

Let's start with the boots, they are lined with sheepskin on the inside to keep your feet nice and toasty, and are very comfortable to walk in because they are made by Ugg! The cream sweaterdress can be layered with a long sleeve shirt underneath paired with tights and boots gives you a cozy outfit, layered with a scarf to accessorize. The grey sweater coat is a cute option to wear with jeans and for $49 who can pass it by! The plaid is a must-have this season and with this overcoat you can have it all!

Hope this helps Kristin...I miss you, stay warm and fashionable!

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  1. Hey Girl! Thanks for the great ideas! I did actually find boots like those this weekend! Your the best!



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