Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fabulous, Fashionable and Fifty

I went to my mom's antique show, Remnants of the Past and couldn't help but be inspired by some of the fabulous women. These ladies knew how to rock out the fashion and they are over 50...I hope I look this good when I am 50! Starting off with Judi, pairing an ever so delicate cardigan with strands of pearls looking very pulled together and comfortable, very casual chic! Next Sidney incorporating this years biggest trend plaid with a classic trench, don't you love her hair?! Not to be bias but had to put my mama in here. She looks great with a classic tee with a twist of a ruffle neckline and a couple of pearls layered for an easy chic look. Way to go mama! Kriste is wearing another great look of a no closure cardigan and making it fancy with a couple of key statement layering necklaces. Who says you can't be 50 and fashionable! Hats off to you ladies for finding classic looks and not giving into Talbot's!


  1. I know isn't it great!! Love the mix of plaid with a classic trench

  2. We do have rather fashionable mothers don't we Devon? Love your blog btw:)

  3. Thanks Shannon! I also think our moms are the only ones crazy enough to get up at the crack of dawn together and go walking and have been for over 8 years! commitment!



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