Friday, November 6, 2009

Off to the Flea Market

Do you think this bag will be big enough to store all my treasures from the flea market? My friend Abigail and I are setting off to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in search of silver trays and glass bottles for her wedding, and I am in search of anything fabulous that can fit in my bag and can't live without!

p.s. I am totally turning into my mother! It was inevitable...


  1. you, that bag, your scarf....adorable! i'm excited i get to help melissa with her wedding too...weddings are so fun! we need a good flea market here.

  2. Slo isn't the best place for flea markets, you have to take a road trip to find the treasures!How fun that you are helping Melissa with her wedding plans, a great design blog is designsponge, and stylemepretty!



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