Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Easy Dressing

I love throwing on an outfit that is cozy and comfortable yet casual. Little do people know how long it takes to perfect this look. I love the thickenss and vibrant colors of this sweater and the perfectly worn denuim. The little pattern clutch makes for a great statement and the unexpected color of the rose earrings adds a pop of color. What is your "go to" comfortable yet pulled together look?


  1. lately it's been a long-sleeved shirt with a scarf and then of course comfy-skinny jeans (yes those do exist):)paired with my brown boots.

  2. Where are those earings from? They are cute. They are almost identical to ones Kristin bought in Capri, except hers are orangey. I wish I had bought a pair now.

  3. Jamie- I am on the look out for comfortable skinnies, my are a little too tight and are hard to move in! But they do look great with boots!

    April- Anthro where else! hehe hate that when you regret not getting something!

  4. devon- I have a pair of comfy skinny's and a pair that aren't so comfy! i hope you find the perfect comfy skinny's!



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